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Shopping For Men's Fragrances - Fragrance Buying Tips

when buying men's fragrances, it is a good idea to start with a basic understanding of perfume. that will help make the buying decision so much easier. there are many top brands in the market that a man can choose from. they include dolce & gabbana, dunhill, gucci, lacoste, givenchy, jean paul gaultier, and many others. it's easy to get confused over the right brand to buy if you lack understanding. here are some perfume buying tips.

understanding your own needs.

perfume buying is all about buying the right fragrances for the right occasions. so you need to take stock of your own activities. do you work out a lot? are you in a business suit most of the time? do you go out for drinks with friends after work? your own needs will help you narrow down the scope to the type of fragrances that are most suitable for you. remember, there are various types of fragrances you can choose from. besides perfumes, there is aftershave, cologne, and scented body creams and lotions. most men just go for perfumes or cologne.

understanding the difference between perfume and cologne.

believe it or not, many men still don't know how to tell the difference between perfume and cologne. when wearing perfume, it's easy to observe that perfume fragrances last a lot longer than cologne. some cologne last just a few hours. of course, the pricing for perfume and cologne is worlds apart.

perfumes can last for a whole day because they are layered fragrances. for example, the first layer may give a hint of freshness, and may last for the first two to three hours. the first layer wears off to give way to the second layer fragrance, which may be slightly different from the first layer. as you can imagine, perfumes are ideal for busy professionals who don't have the time to keep spraying different fragrances at different times of the day. in fact, the idea sounds absurd!

cologne doesn't last as long, but it has its place in the market. it is usually much more affordable compared to designer perfume, and the fragrances, being single scented, last only for a few hours. this is useful when you need to smell good only for a short period of time. for example, you may have the habit of going for a gym work out every evening. and after the workout, you smell of sweat. cologne works well to make the wearer smell good for a few short hours (e.g. when you travel from gym back home till the time you go to bed). that way, the fragrance is not wasted while you are sleeping.

however, if you are heading straight for a date after work, be sure to bring your perfume along just in case the day perfume wears out!

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